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UVC Power: Enemy of Pathogens

Updated: May 20, 2020

BREWSTER, N.Y., May 12, 2020

Summary bullet points

  • New product from UVC Power offers a solution for creating cleaner, safer indoor spaces.

  • High Output UVC Light treatment for HVAC systems sanitize airborn pathogens from re-circulated air.

  • Constantly treating the indoor air we share with UVC light is a dependable cleaning solution in the battle against modern man's greatest economic & global health challenges.

  • Shawn Alexander, Eddie Wilson and Bruce Beutler founded a new company for a better future.

A new company is on a mission to get people safely back together and back to work again. Located just outside New York City, UVC Power was founded by Bruce Beutler, Eddie Wilson and Shawn Alexander – three men with backgrounds in engineering, safety, custom fabrication and construction to form an idea to better sanitize American public spaces. Their High-Output "HO" UVC Germicidal lamps clean the air we breathe to make shared air more hygienic. Bruce Beutler, Owner of EE Controls (a parent company) and co-founder of UVC Power says, "I needed to adapt a germ fighting product we sold for many years with EE Controls in order to vastly improve large HVAC units' disinfecting capabilities." UVC Power has engineered safe High Output "HO" UVC germicidal lamp systems to sanitize airborne pathogens from re-circulated HVAC air. UVA and UVB radiation from the sun reaches Earth's surface, our atmosphere filters out UVC waves. Direct UVC light is harmful to humans, but also deadly for organic matter like viruses and bacteria.  UVC Power has created new multi-level safety measures revolutionizing the industry to protect users from accidental direct UVC exposure while still harnessing its full pathogen-killing power. HVAC filters are incapable of fully sanitizing air. The moist, dark environments of cooling coils are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria. Vulnerable spaces such as hospitals and airports have effectively utilized UVC lamps in their HVAC's bacteria and virus abatement systems for years. There are other UVC devices on the market for cleaning use, known as FAR UV. This expensive method sanitizes small surfaces or small areas of air in a room, but not entire buildings. Shawn Alexander, a co-founder, says "Viruses adapt and so must we. UVC Power wants to aid in the fight against airborne pathogens in the future."

There are two major economic upsides to this product. In the short term, UVC systems are capable of up to 20% fan energy savings as a result of their capacity to remove contaminants that clog air filters. This energy saving is capable of offsetting UVC installation costs. More importantly, however, the long-term potential of this product could prevent the economy from shutting down again to the level it did in response to COVID-19. "If our shared spaces are safe and clean, we can all get back to work." Says co-founder Eddie Wilson.

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