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Coil Size: 45" to 72" (W)  X  24" to 42" (H)


UVC Power Hybrid Coil Kits include everything you need for one air handler. These kits are designed to achieve both air stream sterilization* and coil / pan cleaning. The kits will keep your air handler running clean and efficient while keeping your building occupants safe from airborne pathogens.


Medium Kit Includes:

  • (1) UVCX1289 Controller
  • (4) 42” High Output UVC Lamps
  • (2) Lamp Handling Kit
  • (4) Lamp Bracket Kit
  • (2) PreWired Ballast Assembly
  • (2) 24” SpeedRack Lamp Rack System
  • (1) PlugN-Play Safety Door Switch
  • (1) 2” Viewport Safety Window
  • (1) Safety Sticker Kit


The UVC Power Hybrid Coil Kits should be installed by a qualified technician.


* Hybrid Coil Kits are designed to be effective against airborne viruses such as influenza and SARS-CoV-2. Higher dose pathogens may require additional equipment.

Hybrid Coil Kit - Medium

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