Replacement Electronic Ballast 120-277V 50-60Hz is selected or designed with the highest quality and exacting specification for trouble free installation and operation. UVC POWER provides spare components, replacement parts, and consumables for use in all UVC POWER package systems. **These replacement parts are either from the OEM or a premium quality replacement.**

SmartStart Ballast (Dual 1554mm Lamps or 4 - 1067mm Lamps)

$200.00 Regular Price
$160.00Sale Price
  • ***All system components MUST be professionally installed***

    UVC light can cause temporary or permanent loss of vision, and temporary acute redness or ulceration to exposed skin. To prevent exposure, do not operate the device in any application that allows UV-C light to be visible during operation. NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE BULB OR DISINFECTING AREA. DO NOT touch bulb with bare hands. Your skin contain oils that will damage the lamp. Fingerprints will result in reduced performance and reduce the lifespan of the lamp unless they are removed with Isopropyl alcohol. 

  • This product is a Fulham SHS15-UNV-H Sunhorse ballast.

    Electronic Ballasts for UVC


    • 30% Less Energy Use Than Traditional Magnetic Ballasts
    • Constant UV Output Eliminates Buck/Boost Transformer
    • Draws 25% Less Current Than Magnetic Ballasts
    • Extended Lamp Life Reduces Maintenance Costs
    • Quiet Operation
    • Low Radiant Heat Reduces Air Conditioning Costs
    • Lighter Weight Than Magnetic Ballasts
    • Dimming models feature Instant Start with 0-10V dimming control and linear (smooth) dimming from 100-70%


    Input Volts 120-277
    Model Sunhorse ballast, non-dimm UNV
    No. of Lamps 1, 2
    Series Sunhorse
    Start Method Programmed
    Warranty 5 Years




WARNING:  Only install UVC lights in metal air ducts and replace all non metal hardware items within the range of the UVC light”

  • UVC deteriorates non ferrous materials, plastic ties, plastic screws etc. Therefore replace exposed items with stainless steel products.

  • UVC light accelerates metal corrosion, periodically inspect all metal parts.

DANGER: Turn OFF UVC power before all inspections!!


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