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Far-UVC and COVID 19 (Ultraviolet Technology)

During the beginning of 2020 we have all been accustomed to the lack of normality and the inability to carry on with our daily routines without being subject to very strict safety measures. With that being said, life may return to normal but our pursuit of safety will forever be changed! So... what can we do to help clean our air and ensure satisfactory conditions for those more susceptible to specific outbreaks, and what are we doing to rectify systems that could potentially cause harm moving forward?

Many would say that Ultra Violet technology has greatly increased over the last decade and its uses have surpassed that of a basic light bulb. Interestingly enough, far-UVC is very present in many critical areas today and we have utilized its capabilities to fight airborne pathogens with tremendous success!!

Columbia researchers found that low doses of roughly 220 nanometers of ultraviolet light, known as far-UVC, can kill viruses and bacteria without harming human skin, eyes and other tissues. Researchers found that far-UVC was successful in inactivating the airborne H1N1 influenza virus, as well as drug-resistant bacteria, just minutes after they were breathed, coughed or sneezed into the air.

UVC disinfection is often used with other technologies in a multibarrier approach to ensure that whatever pathogen is not “killed” by one method (say filtering or cleaning) is inactivated by another (UVC). In this way UVC could be installed now in clinical or other settings to augment existing processes or to shore up existing protocols where these are exhausted by excessive demands due to the pandemic.

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For more info on far-UVC and adapting some Ultraviolet technology to you HVAC system, or have a specific engineering question, please give us a call. We are fully staffed and helping several professionals sectors with UVC system integration / control systems. We are here for any job big or small.

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