Replacement Emitter is designed or selected with the highest quality and exacting specification for trouble free installation and operation. UVC POWER provides replacement parts, spare components, and consumables for use in all UVC POWER package systems. These replacement parts are either from the OEM or a premium quality replacement.

42" (1067mm) High Output UVC Lamp - 254nm Germicidal

  • Length:   42" or 1067 mm ± 3mm (not including pins)
    Base Type:   4 Pin Flat Base
    Lamp Type:   High Output
    Wavelength:   254NM
    Glass Type:   L (Non-Ozone)
    Base Color / Material:   White Ceramic Base
    Bulb Diameter:   15mm
    Lamp Voltage*:   120V
    Lamp Wattage*:   96W
    Operating Current*:   800mA
    Rated Life (hrs)**:   12000

    *Operating Current, voltage, wattage disclaimer — Lamps are measured after 100 hours of operation under lab conditions. These values are subject to wide variations under application/field conditions.

    **Rated Life — Rated life is based on a group of lamps operating under lab conditions and is for reference purposes only. Actual life depends on the operating conditions of the lamp. Please follow the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) suggested UV lamp change out schedule to ensure optimal performance.

WARNING:  Only install UVC lights in metal air ducts and replace all non metal hardware items within the range of the UVC light”

  • UVC deteriorates non ferrous materials, plastic ties, plastic screws etc.

     Therefore replace exposed items with stainless steel products.

  • UVC light accelerates metal corrosion, periodically inspect all metal parts.

DANGER: Turn OFF UVC power before all inspections!!

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